Called On The Carpet

Love is not an emotion or an action.
It is a power; a force of unimaginable capability.
It is not something I can acquire or perfect....
not something I can get better at...
no matter how hard I try.

The most I can do is surrender to it,
get out of Its way and let It move through me.

And if  I can't or if I won't,
Love will not abandon me.
It will simply break me in two.
Split me wide open and spill me
all over the good carpet....
in front of everyone.

If I am wise I will go with it.
I won't apologize or rush to clean up the mess I've made
in the middle of the living room floor.
I'll lie there in pieces for a bit,
wrap my arms around my brokenness
and surrender to it.
I'll say, I knew this was coming,
and simply go with it.
I'll let it teach me, and show me, and heal me
in only the way Love can.

But if I am foolish I will pick myself up....
I'll attend to the mess right away
and dash about in search of the strongest glue.
I'll dress to hide the scar
or better yet pretend it was nothing at all.
I'll have the carpet replaced....
definitely have the carpet replaced.
Or removed altogether.
Yes, hardwoods would be better,
easier to clean.....should it happen again.