Threads Bared

Clothe me in all my missteps,
wrap me in the bright rags of youths poor choices
and guilty pleasures....
headstrong rebellion and absolute faith.

An outgrown wardrobe of stubborn idealism
and reckless abandon hangs honestly
in the back of my closet...
the skeletons long gone.

Sew for me a patchwork coat
of love lost and dreams shattered.
Adorn it with broken promises,
eagerly believed and stubbornly held
far too long.

I will wear it proudly and pass it along to my children
so they can know the cloth from which they were cut.
That they come by it honestly, this need to live out loud
and learn from their own lessons.

In the end they will remember
the humble warp and grateful weft
woven into the fabric of my later years.
They will tug at threads spun of inner wisdom
shorn from black sheep defiance
in the willingness to know oneself deeply...honestly.
And with these threads they will sew for themselves
garments of their own choosing.