Sunday Schooled

If you are lucky, one day your secrets will start to surface
and spill from cracks in the veneer that has become your life;
A thin layer of authenticity covering God knows what!

Then the lies become evident and everyone can see them but you.
You walk through the marketplace,
the hem of your skirt caught in the waistband
of your less than pristine underwear.
Soon you will run naked down Main Street
but you don't know that yet.

At first the weight of denial struggles to keep you blind,
but if you stay with it...stay with it....
the small truths of your life will bubble up to save you.

Initially there will be weeping, then great huge sobs
as your carefully constructed blinders finally fail.
You will move between tears and numbness for quite some time.
Don't be afraid of this, or ashamed. Shed your tears with courage
they are the way back home...to the heart, to your innocence.

Eventually you dig so deep that you discover lies beneath lies,
and then deeper lies lies that you were told;
beliefs that generations bought and sold.
Incensed, you recall the sacred stories you swallowed,
like sweet treats to build your life upon.
"Jesus loves me this I know....for the bible tells me so...
little ones to him belong....they are weak but he is strong."

Weak?  You are supposed to be weak, but not if Jesus loves you!
So, you pretend that he does, and you pray that its true,
and this is where the one became two.

Public face and private you.