Hide and Seek

I have stopped stumbling
through the dark night of my own soul.
I have given up the search to be whole.
I am through with seeking and finding
and seeking yet again.

I get it!

I am on to the "Seek and you shall find." game.
It means just that!  Whatever you seek
will find, for there is only you....
disguised as that which you seek.....and find!

This is how I hide.... from myself!

In this incredible game of hide and seek and find
and hide again....I am forever lost!
Each time behind something higher and truer.
A more glorious God. A more virtuous path.

Come out come out wherever you are.

Oh, to see that any quest holds within itself the seed of destination!

What a great, wild game that kept me ever searching....
never stopping to see that I Am the search.... I Am the found.

Olly olly oxen free!