Woman In Infancy

Listen not to your chattering mind nor emotional heart.
Trust not the clench in your stomach.... for these are conditioned in fear.
Drop all that you believe and stand before the mirror of your soul,
naked....a woman in infancy.

Marvel at the years you have walked in blindness.
Deaf to the subtle song singing in your newborn ears.
Wrap yourself in simple cloth and let go of all that binds you.
Smile as the burden of dust and ash falls away.
You are an infant, awakened in the guise of adulthood.

Resign from response and move instead
within the wisdom of stillness.
Slowly, ever slowly at first....
This is mother's milk.

Learn well the voice that rises within you
before you interrupt it with busy-ness.
You must crawl before you walk, walk before you run.

Sit with every note, rest within the melody.
Learn well its cadence, ebb and flow.
For this is the song that carries you, ever moving in stillness
into the world of dreams spun and illusions woven.