The Deep End

Having waded into the deep end so often, she found it nearly impossible to enjoy the shallow things of life. Ankle or even knee deep excursions seemed, well..... a lot like the busy work assigned to school children by substitute teachers; Not meant to teach so much, as to fill time.....and keep the quiet. She was actually quite good at keeping quiet all on her own..... without the busy work that seemed to permeate shallow pools.

Out there in the deep end of life she dove into worlds of wonder and explored the thoughts that rose within her. From her vantage point she could see the edges of dreams and the snares set to trap true believers. Admittedly, at times she was lonely. The shoreline music of frolic and laughter drifted sweetly on gentle breezes. But she had been wooed often enough by the source from which it sprang to know that it held no delight for her. She was with them, like the only sober guest at a drunkards ball.

So she spent her time riding the waves beneath the surface of distant waters. Those invisible currents of energy and pulse that resonated with the song inside her soul. She dodged the sun and learned from the moon as it guided and directed the depths to which she was called. Occasionally she was joined, Seldom was she passed. Eternally she was grateful.