Well Enough Alone

What if everything really is perfect?
What if my little ideas
about what should or should not be
are the only problem?

For all our rants about right and wrong
the closest I've ever experienced anyone move
toward genuine love for a stranger
was in the face of complete disaster.

Nine-eleven shook New York to it's core,
and rippled across the world...
dropping me to my knees in the process,
filling me full of all I ever feared and hoped I was
deep down inside.

In those moments, and for days afterward
we were one people....our hearts broken open,
united in a kind of humanity
born of tragedy.
Seeing the truth of ourselves as we couldn't otherwise have seen.

What if everything really is perfect
and our little ideas about what should or shouldn't be
are the only problem.
What would happen if we all left well enough alone?